The Alchemyst

An incremental game about brewing potions.
Made in Godot Engine for Ludum Dare 49, 2021.
Available on

The Stonemont Chronicles

A kingdom management simulator game.
Made in Godot Engine for Ludum Dare 39, 2017.
Available on

The Daring Entrepreneur

An incremental game about owning a shop.
Made in plain Javascript for Ludum Dare 34, 2015.
Available on


Combine food while fighting off predators.
Made in Haxeflixel for Ludum Dare 29, 2014.
Available on Kongregate

Vault: OUYA edition

The Ludum Dare game rebuilt from the ground up.
Made in my own Java engine for the OUYA game console, 2013. Executables lost.

Murder Island

Procedural murder solving simulator. Made in plain Javascript for Game Prototype Challenge, v.17, 2013.
Available here


High-paced suicide simulator. Made in my own Java engine for Ludum Dare 27, 2013.
Executables lost.

Snake! 3210

A remake of the Snake game on old Nokia phones.
Made in ActionScript 3 for Kongregate, 2013.
Available on Kongregate


Top-down stealth game. Made in my own Java engine for Ludum Dare 25, 2012.
Executables lost.


The classic game, playable in any browser.
Made in plain Javascript, 2010.
Available here


The classic, now with power-ups and high-scores.
Made in ActionScript 2 for Kongregate, 2009.
Available on Kongregate



Prototypes and other projects


A story-driven survival game inspired by Survival Kids. Made using a custom Godot 4 build, 2021.
Unfinished and unreleased.

Master's Thesis

Procedural generation of 3D models based on 2D model sheets. Implementation made in C++ using OpenGL, OpenCV, and Imgui, 2020.

Computer Graphics Project

Full-PBR deferred rendering game engine, including built-in editor. Made in C++ using OpenGL and Imgui for a solo University course, 2018.

Untitled Adventure Game

An action-adventure game inspired by Pokémon and Zelda. Made using Godot for GitHub Game-off 2017. Unreleased.

Pixelart Dailies

A collection of small, quick pixel art designs made for general practice, 2017.
Full images available on Twitter


An puzzle game made for iOS and macOS.
Made using Swift, 2017.


A commodore-64 styled working terminal.
Made using Godot, 2017.

Godot ProcGen Tests

Procedural generation using chunks and heightmaps. Made in Godot 3 Alpha 1, 2017.
Available on GitHub

Untitled GBJAM game

A Zelda-inspired action-adventure game.
Made using Gamemaker: Studio for GBJAM 5, 2016.

Fight Over Mars

Screensaver inspired by Jamestown. Made in my own Java engine for ScreensaverJam 2016.
Available on

Project LJGD

Browser application to teach game programming.
Made in plain Javascript, 2016.

Fedit! Remake

A remake of the Ludum Dare game, unfinished.
Made in my own Java engine using Box2D physics, 2015. Executables lost.

Cellular Automaton

Hexagonal logic gate simulation, turing-complete.
Made in plain Javascript, 2013.
Available here


RTS inspired by The Settlers II combat system.
Made for OneGameAMonth 2013.
Executables lost.


1v1 competitive card game, unfinished.
Made in my own Java engine, 2011.
Executables lost.